Worship 10:00am 244 E. Army Post Rd., Des Moines, Iowa, 50315

City Church

Love God… Love People… Serve Everyone

Fort Des Moines Church of Christ – I’m new here

Who is Fort Des Moines Church of Christ?

We are a non-denominational congregation that is simply trying to be faithful to God’s Word and call on our lives.

Where is Fort Des Moines Church of Christ?

At the intersection of SE 3rd and Army Post Road…

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When should I come?

Youth and children’s services only (6-7:30 PM)

Sunday School – 9AM
Worship – 10AM

**If you are a journalist and desire to interview our pastor please call the church office (515) 285-1254. If you come to our church, please provide your credentials. Our media policy is as follows: No cameras allowed during any of our services. Interviews may not be done with any person that attends the church. You may interview the pastor if you have arranged to do so through the church office in advance only.

Who is the pastor?

Who are our youth leaders?